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More About TeleHealth

TeleHealth (also known as Virtual Healthcare) has been around since the early 1990s, and it connects members to healthcare providers from the comfort of their own home via phone or video call. This valuable service that you will offer to your community, not only is an amazing resource for the families and individuals you serve, it’s also a fantastic way for them to support your mission and organization. When these individuals enroll in the program they will not only save money on access to doctors, healthcare and prescriptions, they will be earning money for your association as long as their plan is in place.

Telehealth is not lnsurance. It doesn’t matter whether a person has insurance or not. Telehealth can be used to save on large co-pays or deductibles with your insurance or Medicare. This will save time and money out of pocket.

Did you know? The average cost of ER visit for sickness is $1,945 per visit. Average co-pay for ER is $300-$500 per visit, per family member, IF you have insurance. Why not protect your WHOLE FAMILY and save that money by getting medical access for only $14.95 per month ? For half the price of a candy bar you can protect your family, regardless of the number of dependents! 

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